World’s Fascinating Bridges

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The world focuses so much attention to tall skyscrapers that once and for all distinguish the nation’s landmark to reach high.

However, come to think the reality of manmade beauty, there are bridges that we can appreciate more than just an enclosed infrastructure in the city.

To lessen the burden of congesting traffic jams, strong bridges are made to connect two gaps at once.

Check out these awesome views of greatest architectural landmark of bridge-ways around the world.

Sydney’s Harbor Bridge has a lot of stories to tell since the establishment was first built in March 19, 1932.  To celebrate its 80th birthday, the masterpiece still connects longevity symbolizing a true beauty of the city’s harbor.

  • Dating back the origins of the bridge, the man-made mega structure took nearly six decades to finalize the entire framework.
  • Designed by John Job Crew Bradfield and NSW Department of Public Works officers, the expansion of its concept utilized steel weighing in total of 52,800 tonnes.
  • About one hundred and sixty thousand vehicles pass over the bridge every day to visit the wonders of The Opera House and other restaurants.
  • The popular tourist attraction never falls back from its ‘Coathanger’ design.

Singapore's Helix Bridge


Singapore has its own pride in asserting spectacular features of modern-day bridges. This is the famous Helix Bridge which was inaugurated on April 24, 2010.

  • Situated within the precinct of Marina Bay stretches the only double-helix manmade duplex stainless steel in the world.
  • The creative engineering helix bridge-way does not merely function for pedestrian purposes, but also in broadening the appreciation of the country’s breathtaking bay view.

Another world-class linking structure is the Millau Viaduct in the city of love, France. Architect Norman Foster and Engineer Michel Virlogeux turned the tallest bridge into a reality portrait that will surprise the world in many ways.

  • Because traffic jams was at its peak velocity, engineers discovered that building the Millau Viaduct would improve the connection to Spain.
  • The bridge, claimed to be one of the highest bridges in the world,  was first constructed on October 16, 2001 and opened its gate on December 16, 2004.
Germany's Magdeburg Water Bridge

We can’t deny that the Germans are ingenious to their natural art and design. From contemporary buildings to art deco, visit the world’s longest aqueduct Magdeburg Water Bridge linking Elbe-Havel Canal from Mittelland Canal – the only redefined water bridge-way that defeats the science of buoyancy!

  • As workers began measuring the tides of navigation and incorporating the blueprint on 1997, they realized that it will be easier for enormous vessels to cross over the other canal.
  • In October 2003, the landmark was opened and many visitors sought to save few photos of the unbelievable Magdeburg Water Bridge.


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