Month: January 2013

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Sea Foam Phenomenon in Queensland

A notable occurence of sea foam has been witnessed by the tourists and residents in Sunshine Coast,  Queensland in the last two days. The streets have been covered with significant amount of foam washed up inland by the strong wind and powerful waves from a  low pressure system that hit Queensland recently. The white foam […]

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Australian States Hit by Wild Weather

Queensland and New South Wales have been hammered by torrential rain and wild winds causing floods in cities and towns in low-lying areas. The wild weather has also caused small tornadoes leaving damage to properties and crops. The powerful winds and floodwaters have left some areas with no power and without water. Queensland The worst […]

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Interesting Facts about Tennis

Tennis went global with the establishment of ATP and WTA in 1972 and 1973. Since then, it has spawned many of the world’s most remarkable tennis players and all-time greats. Five of the best players hailed as sports icons in the world of tennis are: 1.    Roger Federer – 17 Grand Slams, 237 weeks of […]

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Heat Wave and Bushfire in Australia

Five Australian states have been hard hit by a series of heat waves and bushfires which began in Saturday, January 5, 2013. Heat waves reaching as high as 48.2º C and extremely dry conditions starting December 27, 2012 set the stage for one of the most dreadful bushfires in Australia’s history. Heat waves have seen […]

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Interesting Facts about Smallest Objects

There are lots lof amazing and unique things in the world that comes in unusual or enormous sizes. These objects capture our sight because they differ from the normal things we see in our every day life. Do you know that the smallest item in this universe is called quark? Research studies have proven that […]

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Share Your Favorite Music

There is one hot music library that is stealing a great deal of attention online. It’s Guvera, a free site for music fans worldwide. It is not only a place to download music but also a wonderful arena where you can get together with fellows who dig the same tunes. Guvera offers an endless stream […]

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Interesting Facts about Exotic Foods

When it comes to travelling in different parts of the world most of us pledge ourselves to eat the countries best delicacies. However, there are some people who are fond of eating unusual delicacies known as the exotic foods.  They find it thrilling and exciting to taste the weirdest food in this planet. Although some […]

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Highlights – News of the Week

Tasmania Bushfire – January 5, 2013:  Heat wave has caused a bushfire in the Australian state of Tasmania leaving thousands of people including tourists stranded in the island. There were 100 properties destroyed including a school and a police station. The temperature in Hobart, the capital city, reached 41 degrees centigrade.  According to one of […]

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