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Interesting Facts about Penguins

Penguins are birds, in case you don’t know it. And yes, a lot of people don’t realize that. They are a group of aquatic birds that are known for their inability to fly. Penguins  live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, majority in the continent of Antarctica. Penguins are completely unique to other bird species […]

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Interesting Facts about Ice Melt in Antarctica

In July 2013, one of NASA’s satellites has found an unusually large crater on Antarctica’s surface. Scientific studies revealed that craters are formed in this continent when the lakes of fresh water below the thick ice sheets are drained. Between 2007- 2008, six cubic kilometres of water was reported to have flowed and drained a […]

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Interesting Facts about Antarctica

The term Antarctica came from the Greek word “Antarktos” which mean “opposite to the Arctic”. It is the third smallest continent taking only 10% of Earth’s area. It is located in the southernmost part of the Earth. It has the strongest wind as well, known as the katabatics. Its velocity can reach up to 320 […]

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Life in the Desert

Different people living differently in different places still have these common needs: to have something to eat and drink in order to survive. In the desert for instance, food is still the main problem to endure. The desert is a kind of place that receives minimal amount of rainfalls, a dusty and rocky place where […]

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