Month: August 2011

Health & Wellness Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts About Water

Most people think of water as a simple substance that’s very common. But there’s actually more to it than just a simple substance. Not only does it support life – it is regarded as life itself. People can live for weeks, even a month without food but not without water. That’s fact. It is because […]

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Natural Disasters Top News

Hurricane Slams New York City

Hurricane Irene has caused damage to the towering building and skyscrapers in New York City and with threats of possible flooding in the financial district. The storm swept the Big Apple with fierce winds accompanied by heavy rainfall, lightning and some reports of tornados. All the business establishments have been closed while thousands were forced […]

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Natural Disasters Top News

Hurricane Irene Hits U.S.

The whole East Coast is on alert as Hurricane Irene approaches with strong winds up to 110 miles per hour (175 km/h). The expected landfall is Saturday afternoon and weather forecasters have considered Irene as the biggest storm to hit the area in more than 50 years. Due to the threats of heavy rain, wind […]

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Travel to Berlin

Germany is known as a progressive-minded country in history and culture. Stretching as far back thousands of years ago, Germany’s culture has shaped the country to what it is today. Even with the mixture of paganism and Christianity, German traditions are still celebrated by the people. Turkish comprised the largest part of the population while […]

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Life & Leisure Travel

Morzine Chalets Holidays

The Benefits of AliKats Mountain Holidays AliKats Mountain Holidays is a privately owned site by the partners Al and Kat Judge to cater services like looking for chalets in Morzine, France in such a way that suits your budget and provide the best accommodation in the place. They offer several luxury Morzine chalets with the […]

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Disruptive Solar Flares

The surface of the Sun contains sunspots which are the centres of magnetic activity.  The build up of magnetic fields causes them to break and release energy in the form of light and heat.  Sunspots continue to develop and rotate to brighten the atmosphere with the release of solar flares. When two or more sunspots […]

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Finance & Business Top News

The Eurozone Crisis

Millions of people across Europe are currently affected by the weakening economies and budget deficits.  The growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) has slowed down and the future of the euro currency looks uncertain. Germany has announced just 0.1% growth, an indication that Europe’s biggest economy is close to a halt in the quarter.  […]

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Finance & Business

Current Credit Ratings

What is in Store for World Market With the Current Credit Ratings Many experts on stock markets feel that the sudden downfall of the U.S credit rating can ultimately lead the entire world stock market as well as economy to disastrous end. Some also feel that we have just began to see a “global margin […]

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