Interesting Facts About Water

Most people think of water as a simple substance that’s very common. But there’s actually more to it than just a simple substance. Not only does it support life – it is regarded as life itself. People can live for weeks, even a month without food but not without water. That’s fact. It is because adult’s body is composed of 70 % of water and for infants at birth water is roughly 80 % of the infant’s weight. And around 70 to 75 percent of the earth surface is made of water. That is why it is without question that all living things rely on water.

Here are the 5 interesting facts about water:

  • Hot water turns into ice faster than the cold water. This is called the “Mpemba’s effect”. It is coined from a high school student Erasto B. Mpemba’s experimenting a hot ice cream mix and the cold mix into its freezing point when he noticed that the hot ice cream mix froze faster than the cold mix.  No one knows for sure what explains the strange phenomenon and scientists are still thinking for possible explanations taking into account frost formation, evaporation and the effects of gasses through dissolving hot and cold water.
  • Too much water will lead into water intoxication. This happens when the large amount of water dilutes the sodium level in the body capillaries which can cause imbalance to the water supply of the brain. Mostly, water intoxication occurs during intensive physical activity.
  • Man can only used 3/100 percent of water on earth. The 97 percent of water is saltwater in oceans and seas. However, out of 3 percent fresh water, only one percent of it is used for drinking while the remaining two percent is frozen in the arctic.
  • Drinking proper amount of water a day can help prevent constipation and improve your digestion. It eliminates toxins and waste elements in your body.  Water transports all the nutrients from the food you eat to the body cells and regulate the metabolism of your body’s needed vitamins and minerals.
  • During intensive work out, a person directly losses weight from water not from fat.

Water has been around even before we existed – same amount, same old water. In fact, we all drink from the same water our ancestors once drank. We drink it, goes back to the system, and after some process, we drink it again. It just goes round and round.

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