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Interesting Facts about Tornadoes

All the continents of the world have experienced tornadoes except Antarctica.  Most of the reported tornadoes happened in the United States because it has the climate and geographical features conducive to massive storms.  Tornado is usually formed from intense thunderstorms. It becomes destructive and violent because of the strong rotating winds caused by its  upward […]

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Current Events

Snow Storm Hits Northeast US

The north eastern part of the United States was hit by a winter snow storm just after Christmas with at least 16 people reported dead and thousands of passengers stranded due to the cancellation of more than 1000 flights since Wednesday. The affected areas were Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Virginia, […]

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Tornadoes Rampage Oklahoma

Tornadoes went on a rampage in the Midwest, particularly in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa  and Nebraska for two consecutive days with Oklahoma as being the worst hit by the storm.  High winds toppled electricity lines, destroyed houses, rooted up trees, and caused widespread outages. The outbreak which started Friday, April 13, 2012 spawned more than 120 […]

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Tornadoes Hit U.S.

More than ten  people were killed due to tornadoes that hit Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.  States of emergencies have been declared due to the extensive damage caused by the powerful storms and wave of tornadoes.  (See more updated news below.) Aside from deaths and injuries, numerous houses collapsed with people trapped inside. The […]

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Tornado Formation

Nearly every place around the world experiences the ferocity of the most awesome and feared windstorm – the tornado. It can inflict serious damage to life and property depending on its size, velocity, intensity, and the place where these winds occur. Strong enough, it can send cars flying, root up trees, and houses, and wreck […]

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