Worst winter storm in U.S.

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Interesting Facts about Winter Storms

In one of the articles written by Alex Sosnowski, an Expert Senior Meteorologist,  “Minneapolis has averaged 8 degrees below normal with Chicago at 7 degrees below normal and Detroit 6.5 degrees colder than average” since December 1, 2013. He also added that the “the persistent cold, accompanied by snow and ice at times, has busted […]

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Winter Storms Moving Across America

The heavy snow storm, series of tornadoes and violent thunderstorms have been causing damages, injuries and even deaths across several states in America. According to the National Weather Service, snow storm is expected to hit the Southeast and Midwest this week. The accumulation of thick snow will be seen as far as Minneapolis. In Alabama […]

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Rare October Snowstorm Hits U.S.

A rare snowstorm hit U.S.  Northeast over the weekend and has caused major damage to electric infrastructure across six states. About a million people are still without power due to the widespread power outages and utility crews are still struggling to restore electricity to the affected areas. The storm was accompanied by howling winds and […]

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Mammoth Snow Storm hits U.S.

One third of U.S.  was blanketed by heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain for several days leaving record-breaking accumulations and left Midwesterners in bitter cold temperatures.  It is considered as the worst snow storm in more than 40 years. It caused power outages due to downed power lines, destroyed roofs and buildings and left a […]

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