Rare October Snowstorm Hits U.S.

A rare snowstorm hit U.S.  Northeast over the weekend and has caused major damage to electric infrastructure across six states. About a million people are still without power due to the widespread power outages and utility crews are still struggling to restore electricity to the affected areas.

The storm was accompanied by howling winds and has covered cities with snow reaching up to 42 inches in some areas. The affected states are New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York. The death toll has now reached 15 and an emergency was declared in New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Interesting Facts about the Northeast Snowstorm

  • Snowfall has exceeded the great snow in  October 1804
  • Insurance claims in Connecticut  was estimated to be more than $3 million
  • Considered as the worst power outage history in Connecticut  with 800,000 homes affected
  • Power outage paralysed the transport system with some airline passengers stranded on the tarmac
  • Electric lines were tangled on fallen trees and made power restoration complicated for the utility crews
  • Caused more damage to the electric infrastructure in New Jersey than did Hurricane Irene
  • Massive outages affected the following number of customers (approximate) :  Connecticut (668,000); Massachusetts (326,000); New Jersey (95,000); Pennsylvania (45,000); New York (118,000); New Hampshire (135,000)

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