Interesting Facts about the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest annual sporting event in the United States. It is a championship game of the two best and remaining teams in the National Football League (NFL). The league is the biggest professional American football organization in the U.S.

Historically, the game began as a part of the merger agreement between the NFL and the American Football League (AFL) – used to be the NFL’s rival league. The original agreement was for the champion teams of both leagues to play and determine which team stands out. This was originally called as the AFL-NFL World Championship game.

Today, the Super Bowl is played and widely considered as an unofficial American national holiday called the “Super Bowl Sunday.” Similar to Thanksgiving, it’s a day where Americans gather in groups, eat food, and enjoy the game. As a matter of fact, it’s the second largest day based on food consumption in the United States, next to Thanksgiving Day.

Likewise, the Super Bowl is one of the most watched American television broadcasts for each year. Statistically speaking, the top four most watched broadcasts in history are all Super Bowls. The best was in 2011 when Super Bowl XLV became the most watched in American television history. The average audience was 111 million viewers.

Money in the Game

There are a lot of viewers and potential customers watching the event, which is why the high viewership corresponds to lots money making potential. The commercial airtime during the broadcast of the Super Bowl is regarded as the most expensive of the entire year and that’s why companies that are interested in putting up advertisements will expect to spend a lot.

So there is currently a trend wherein it’s not just the game that the people will watch, they also spend time on the broadcast commercials and even talk about it.

Finally, the Super Bowl has also become an entertainment spectacle, thanks to the traditional performance during the pre-game and halftime breaks, courtesy of the most popular artists in the world.

Among the list that has performed are Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Prince, and Whitney Houston.

Anyhow, enough of the usual facts; here are some of the “more interesting” and fun facts about the Super Bowl:

  1. Survey giants Nielsen says that 9 out of 10 fans opt to stay at home instead of going out while there will be 3 percent of them who will go to a bar or restaurant to enjoy the event.
  2. Chicken wings are at a high demand during the event. To attest to this, the National Chicken Council predicts a consumption of 1.25 billions of them.  That’s a lot!
  3. Obviously, beer is still the undisputed beverage when it comes to preference. It is followed by soda and carbonated water.
  4. Who says chicken is the only thing available for the Super Bowl? Pizza is another American favorite that will be in great demand during this day. For instance, Domino’s Pizza expects to deliver eleven millions slices!
  5. About 72 footballs are used for the Super Bowl each year, while there are almost 800,000 sold for the NFL every year.
  6. Another interesting survey by Coupon Cabin says that some people are more likely to miss important life events like a funeral, birth, or wedding than to miss the Super Bowl.

While a huge percentage of the total viewers are from the North American region, it won’t be a surprise if the number of viewers from other continents will considerably increase in the next years.

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