Top 5 Best Cities to Visit in USA

Choosing the best cities to visit in the United States is a little tougher compared to other travel destinations. Being the third largest country in the world means there are lots of wonderful places and attractions to choose from. If you have seen the country’s landmarks – the Statue of Liberty, Disney World, Hollywood, Broadway, Golden Gate Bridge and White House – most certainly you’ve been to America. But there’s more to that. The country is replete with myriads of beautiful, marvelous cities that are surely worth the trip.

Here is a list of top 5 best cities in the US; a must-see for all tourists and visitors.

1. New York. This is the city of all kinds of things. The city’s attractions, destinations, soaring high-rise buildings, infrastructures, landscapes and accommodations, everything – it’s all here in this incredible city of New York.

One that fascinates tourists is its prominent architectures:  Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn Bridges and many other skyscrapers. The emblem of the US, the Statue of Liberty, attracts millions of visitors. They can see the statue up close by the Free Staten Island ferry each year. The city’s world class museums, theatres, shopping malls and wide array of international cuisines are just one of the reasons why people visit the place more often.

Take a walk to the Central park and enjoy the beautiful castles, zoo, Shakespeare Gardens, gondola rides, small amusement park for children, and Strawberry Fields dedicated to the great John Lennon and a lot more.

2. Las Vegas. The city of nightlife, casinos, magic shows, tourists’ attractions and finest hotels. Its diverse entertainment is nothing like any other states in the US.

Aside from its dynamic entertainment, Vegas has also a number of wonderful, must-see parks.  One of the reasons why people love the place is its exciting nightlife, casinos and national parks including Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon and many others.

3. San Francisco.  The city’s world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, steep hills and stunningly beautiful bay views are just some of the reasons for going to San Francisco. Chinatown of San Francisco, quite bigger than NY, is flourishing with lush gardens that capture the heart of nature enthusiasts. Fisherman’s Wharf offers the choicest, mouth watering food that makes San Francisco unique from all other cities in the country.

4. San Diego. The jewel of California. It has the bluest skies and 70 miles of glittering beaches that corresponds to the Mediterranean climate of the city. Surfing, snorkeling, diving and sightseeing the breathtaking picture of the sunsets and fine sands are unforgettable.

5. Miami. Warm climate, trendy hotels, amusing art of architecture and the 10 miles of white sand beaches make the place a popular coastal vacation site in America.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit Cuba, try to have a trip to Miami’s Little Havana and experience a little bit of Caribbean jewel such as the aroma of Cuban Cigars and coffee, Cuban authentic restaurants and listen to exciting Cuban music.

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