Random Thoughts on Gratitude

by Laarni O. Dizon,  Freelance Writer

Quote_Gratitude_John F Kennedy_jweekThe world is teeming around all of us with wonders. How can we not see that?

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives drown most of us with unprecedented need to rush, rush and rush even more.

Can we just take a slow deep breath and breathe out slowly letting the air out of our lungs and belly simultaneously?

We have to stop for a while to become aware of this grandeur world and to experience God’s masterpiece in total awe.

Then express our gratitude in simple ways like saying thank you, big warm hugs or simply a smile – which unfailingly sheds a rosy glow across my whole life.

But there are of course a million and one ways or even a googol ways of communicating our gratitude. Pick one or two then move on to your daily grind.

The more grateful I am for everything in life,

for having my amazing family and gorgeous friends and just wonderful acquaintances who gives me a kind word or two,
for having a good job,
for my good health,
for peace and tranquillity,
for real heroes like teachers, doctors, fire fighters, soldiers and many more,
for my little house,
for my old car,

for great tasting food,
for mouth-watering chocolates,
for my pets and other animals,
for the plants,
for the fruits,
for my collection of pretty things,
for my bling blings…
I could go on and on and on…
Yes the more I am grateful for what God has given me … the more I experience joy whipping through my body.


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