Super Trees in Singapore’s National Park

Singapore's Super Trees at Night

Singapore has been the talk of the town in recent weeks. For the first time locals and visitors were able to take a closer look at one of horticulture’s engineering marvels – the Super Trees.

These fantastic, futuristic-looking trees are the highlights of one of Singapore’s national parks, the 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay. This larger-than-life landscaping project is considered to be one of the world’s major milestones in technology-driven conservation and development. The National Park Board of Singapore has created a union of nature and technology that promises to improve the environmental situation of the world in this modern era.

Towering at a height of 80 to 160 feet, these gigantic artificial structures, 18 in all, provides an impressive sight against the background of Singapore’s financial district, the Marina Bay. Their massive trunks made of concrete are studded with over 200 species of flora set firmly on sturdy metal rods that spread outward into huge canopies. These plants will serve as the living skin of the super trees and will reveal their true form as they continue to flourish in the years to come.

Suspended on these metal branches are sky bridges, adjoining some of the trees 60 feet above the ground. At this height, people can see the breathtaking vista of the city skyline and experience the thrill of walking above dizzying heights over the landscape.

Lights lend a spectacular glow to these trees at night and evoke an air of enchantment to all the visitors. These remarkable works of art stand high and proud over Singapore’s botanical oasis in Marina South District, hailed as the future botanical oasis of the world.

Despite their stunning appeal to the public, these trees are actually more than just eye candy. In fact, these trees conceal state-of-the-art technology capable of sustaining and maintaining the Garden’s botanical ecosystem. They function as solar electric generators fitted with photovoltaic systems, as cooling vents and engine rooms for conservatories, and as water reservoirs for a wide diversity of plants. Its ingenious, lightweight and sturdy design also helps conserve as much as 30% of the energy consumption. The canopies help disperse heat in much the same way as real trees but with added features that make them more efficient than conventional cooling systems.

The Gardens by the Bay has been officially opened on June 29, 2012 and has become another tourist hot spot in Singapore. Places of interest aside from the Super Trees include the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest – two conservatories which realistically replicates the different biomes of the world from cool moist, cool dry, tropical, and semi-arid regions. People can stroll around the Horticultural Themed Gardens that feature plants in Singapore and Southeast Asia valued for their historical and economic significance. Every place in the Garden is just brimming with life and color.

Singapore’s modern oasis is the first of its kind in the world today. More features will be added to the park to constantly upgrade its functions and attract more visitors and tourists from every country. The next phase of development will include the Flower Market and the Main Event Space which will house the various activities, products, food and beverage, and so much more.

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