The Week of Natural Disasters Across the Globe

Nepal Earthquake25 April 2015 – Nepal

More than 2,200 people are believed to have been killed when a huge earthquake rocked Nepal. The magnitude – 7.9 quake devastated the country when it sent houses, buildings, national landmarks and temples crashing to the ground.  Several aftershocks have been recorded and triggered avalanches on Mount Everest. The death toll continues to increase with dozens of people including tourists reported missing and hundreds treated for injuries.

The massive earthquake is the worst disaster in the country’s history after more than 80 years. One of the popular tourist attractions, the 60-meter Dharahara Tower built in 1832,  also collapsed with visitors trapped inside.

The search and rescue operations continue amidst strong aftershocks, unpassable roads and incomplete equipment.  The Nepal government is seeking help from other countries for humanitarian aid and medical assistance.

Sydney Hail 225 April 2015 –  NSW, Australia

Sydney has been experiencing wild weather during the past few days leaving four people dead and thousands of homes without power. According to NSW Premier Mike Baird, the devastation could reach hundreds of millions of dollars. The worst hit areas are in the Hunter Valley, west of Newcastle. Considered as the worst flood in 100 years, the Hunter region had the most damages in properties, agriculture, rail tracks and roads. It may take months before the repairs will be completed.

While still recovering from the massive storm considered as the wettest 78-hour period since August 1998, parts of Sydney and Blue Mountains have been hit by hail and severe thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. The torrential rain and heavy hail damaged vehicles, homes and collapsed five warehouses.  Many residents were frightened when a nice and sunny day suddenly turned dark because of the thick black clouds on the sky. The heavy rains poured, hail started to fall and blanketed the streets and roof of the houses and buildings. There were flash flooding in some areas.

Chile_Calbuco volcano 223 April 2015 – Chile

The Calbuco volcano which has been dormant for the last 42 years has started erupting and sent huge cloud of ash in to the air.  The eruption has also created a frightening scene when it turned the dark sky reddish orange. The outburst of the ‘sleeping giant’ has surprised the authorities in southern Chile and experts warned that this volcano could continue erupting for months.  Thousands of residents near the area have been evacuated.

One witness described the situation as really scary. “I had never seen this before. It scares you in the beginning. You start to wonder what is going to happen to you.”


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