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Shortly after the last ice age, approximately 11,000 years ago, humans began to occupy the Toronto region. These indigenous people opened trade with the French in the 18th century, but only through the British regime where the birth of their urban community occurs. Lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada John Graves Simcoe purchased Toronto from the Mississaugas in 1787 and established a military post. He named his settlement “York” and slowly the number of their population grew over the centuries. The province of Ontario incorporated the town York in the city of Toronto in 1834 to meet the demands of the increasing population. Today, Toronto is the largest city in Canada with over 2.5 million residents.

Torontonians mostly speaks English as their official language and only 1.4% of their population would speak their second official language, French. Portugese, Spanish, Italian & Chinese are among other languages significantly spoken in Toronto, Canada. They use Canadian Dollars as their currency and in which they called their coins Toonies, Loonies or Nickels. Canadian Dollars can be easily distinguished from any other bills for they are brightly colored, where Canadians call it their cultural pride. Christianity resides in their place as majority of their religion and a small part of their population would claim adherence to Islam.

What to experience: Peameal Bacon Sandwich, though not that known, is the most iconic food Toronto can offer it’s visitors. Famously they have their Paddington’s Pump, Sausage King, and Carousel Bakery that can be bought in St. Lawrence Market, one of the major markets in Toronto. If your just looking for comfort foods, they can offer you hotdogs, sausages and French fries that can be found on their streets. At summer months, they have ice cream and popsicles sold on bicycles or trucks by the vendors.

Though Toronto would produce more than thirty festivals and events in a year, Winter season would be the best time to visit Toronto, Canada. Winter City Festival and Winterlicious usually would be celebrated last week of January to first week of February. People would gather around Nathan Phillips Square to enjoy an open-air concerts, spectacle shows and skating parties. Winter art’s scene can be seen indoors among Toronto’s top destinations of events and lastly, a mouth watering cuisine at an affordable price at Toronto’s Restaurants. A celebration of Torontonian’s culture, cuisine and creativity at its best is accessible to everyone. It is a three-in-one festival in one winter season.

There are hundreds of reasons why many people visit Toronto, Canada. The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada’s largest museum and Art Gallery of Ontario, one of the top 10 museums in the world is located at downtown Ontario, and Ontario Science Centre which holds the oldest art gallery and holds paintings more than fifteen thousand in numbers would usually be visited by almost eight hundred thousand visitors a year. Children would love to spend their time roaming around a 710 acre Toronto Zoo, Canada’s largest Zoo which houses five thousand different species of animals who lives in their natural habitat, the environment. If fun and excitement are what you have been looking for, Canada’s Wonderland should not be out of your list. It has many attractions that reach two hundred in numbers and they offer sixty five thrilling rides including fifteen breath-taking rollercoaster rides that you can enjoy.

All throughout the city, you can have a great taste of Toronto’s past. Toronto’s Historic Sites like Victorian Mansion and Mackenzie House would bring you back into the past for the better understanding of what happened during the inter-war years and much more. Toronto has such an exciting and interesting history. Each place visited would tell you a different story.

What to see: Whatever time of day, Toronto has always something to serve you. They have their Air Canada Centre and Rogers Centre, which is formerly called Skydome, are home to their worldwide competitive athletes on basketball, hockey, baseball and football. The CN tower who gives a sparkling view at night holds their revolving restaurant and Simulator Theater who holds Toronto’s most distinguishable landmark who welcomes about two million visitors yearly. The CN Tower is recently nominated to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

These are just few of the many attractions why people should not miss visiting Toronto, Canada.  A city full of beautiful places where fun, learning and excitement can took in one place.  Travel Toronto, a place you will never regret going to.

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