History of Cruising and Popular Destinations

Fascinating cruise destinations and great vacation packages await those who want to have the best getaways of their lives. Cruising aboard the most luxurious cruise ships has always been the dream of everybody.

The biggest known passenger ship ever recorded in the history is the MS Allure of the Seas—owned by the Royal Caribbean International. Its overall length is 360 meters or 1,181 feet which is a little bit longer by 2 inches than its sister ship – Oasis. The ship is so massive and weighs around 100,000 tons, equal to that of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.  MS Allure of the Seas features a theater for 1,380 people, a dance hall (2-deck), and ice skating rink.

History of cruising

The history of cruising is as fascinating as the wonderful cruising experience. According to an English shipping company, the first recorded cruise in history dates back 1881 in a passenger ship named Ceylon. This was the first real cruise where travelers cruise from place to place in search of adventure.

Cruising slowly became a popular leisure. After the First World War, passenger liners were converted into cruise vessels. Cruise ships that were built purposefully were very rare. A famous example of this is the Stella Polaris.

As immigration starts to fall and jet aircrafts replaced the service of most liners, cruise ships came as a solution for the dwindling number of passengers, converting them into pleasure trip vessels for leisure activities. This is where cruise ships began to flourish. Four companies notable for their famed cruise ships are the Norwegian Caribbean Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Carnival Cruises.

Popular Cruising Destinations

1. The Caribbean Cruise. The Caribbean is undisputedly the number one cruise destination all over the world. Crystalline waters, beautiful ocean scenery and marvelous tropical islands of the Caribbean is unparalleled. It’s also the most popular destination for couples, not to mention the top cruise destination for families and children and by solo vacationers who want to relax and unwind.

2. Alaska. If you’re bound for the Pacific getaway cruise, the best way to go is up the northwest coast. A single cruise to Alaska offers a rare chance to witness the hidden beauty of the panorama, ocean creatures and glaciers. Alaska has a list of countless pleasure trips and activities such as the Denali National Park which offers the most thrilling experiences like dog-sledding, heli-skiing. However, Alaska’s cruises are not always available the whole year round. You can only get the Alaskan cruise in the middle of late spring and early fall of the year.

3. Mediterranean. If you are looking for the most romantic cruise destination in Europe there’s no better place than the ancient beauty of the Mediterranean coast. Its one-of-a-kind beaches welcome you to their most wonderful and relaxing cruises. There are hundreds of top cruise destinations in Europe. Western Mediterranean cruise ranks as the most popular choice and most wanted cruises in Europe.

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