Typhoon Devastates Southern Philippines

Compostela Valley, Philippines (Photo: ccn.com)

The southern part of the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Bopha (“Pablo”) last Tuesday leaving more than 300 people dead, almost 400 missing and around 50,000 families left homeless.

Considered as the worst typhoon to hit the country this year, it has placed three provinces in Eastern Mindanao under the state of calamity due to deaths, injuries and damages to infrastrucure, properties and crops.  The worst hit provinces were Surigao del Sur, Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley.

Typhoon Bopha’s powerful winds of up to 210 kilometers per hour and torrential rain had caused landslides and flash floods to the devastated areas. Some homes with families were swept away by the rushing water and mud and there were people  trapped under the rubble.

The devastating consequences of this typhoon are now being felt in areas with no electricity, impassable roads and bridges, destroyed infrastructure and  families without homes.

Rescue and search operations are still underway to find the missing people believed to be buried under the debris of flattened house,  collapsed bridges and destroyed roads.

Foreign assistance has been offered by the United States and Japan. On the other hand, Philippine government agencies are working hand in hand to provide food, medicine and shelter to the people who were severely affected by the calamity.

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