Why Leaves Fall in Autumn

Autumn is one of the most awaited seasons in any parts of the world—green leaves turning to brilliant yellow and orange color, hot climate slowly turns to cool atmosphere and leaves are slowly falling from its trunk. Countries with 4 climates considered autumn to be the best moment especially for families to perform outdoor activities and enjoy the scenery without worrying from sunburns or frostbites.

Have you ever wondered why trees automatically fall off their leaves whenever autumn season comes? And what’s with the color change? Just like human beings, these trees become dehydrated when cold climate is approaching—it may seem ironic but scientific explanation proves it.

When colder time comes, the tree cannot suck enough water from the ground to supply its whole body. Since water plays a vital role in the photosynthesis of the leaves, insufficient amount of water will lead to the change of color in the leaves and eventually fall off from the branches. But what makes it special is that they don’t really die from it, but like an automatic system and cycle of the trees that is being programmed, whenever winter is approaching, the trees will shed their leaves.

This cycle has brought happy moments for every family, especially to those people who love outing, picnics and sigh-seeing. Here are great activities for the autumn season so you can plan ahead:

  • Farm adventures. Most folks who have their own farm open it to be available for the public to visit. Families will enjoy harvesting and riding farm vehicles while picking fruits and crops which can be purchased from farm owners. Since the environment is perfect for farm visitations, it is a wonderful way to spend quality time with the family.
  • Fall Festival. Kids will surely enjoy this. The Carnivals, Lot’s of interesting games, contests with prizes and park picnics. During autumn, every place is lightened up with so much fun and filled with of public activities, often with educational theme for the benefit of the children.
  • Trick or Treat? Halloween falls under the autumn season and you can start seeing pumpkins everywhere. You may see some of your neighbors deck their homes with spooky themes to go along with the Halloween season. Most children with their creepy costumes will be out and knocking doors from home to home to ask for treats. You’ve got to prepare your candies ahead!

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