River Cruising in Europe

June 24, 2012 | Travel


Europe River Cruising (Photo: smh.com.au)

Europe is known for waterways that link its great cities like Amsterdam, Vienna and Budapest.  Cruising on the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers allows you to explore the very heart of Europe which is a fantastic experience.

River cruising is the trend these days. Cruising with the use of a small ship is far different from a big ship. Small ships often travel in the European rivers. The travel time varies from 24 hours to 25 days.

Cruising on a small ship also gives you the opportunity to get yourself in the heart of the city the fast way you wanted it. The moment the ship is docked, you can immediately disembark and join the different tours leading to different tourist destinations like in Amsterdam, Paris, and Nuremberg.

Riding on a small ship also gives you the experience of staying in a luxurious hotel. It provides you with the mobility to unpack in just few moments, settle in, sit back, and relax under the sun while you enjoy the world passing by. Outside cabins are strategically made for passengers on a small ship. It also provides different stops like spas, fitness center, and library.

Best time to go cruising

In fact, anytime is the best time for everyone to go cruising on the European rivers. As long as the weather is fine, you will never have to worry on your trip. But, for many travelers around the world, the best time to go cruising in the European rivers is during the Christmas season. Christmas time is the best time to see the charming attributes of Europe. The temperature is right but not that frigid. It’s the perfect time to see the European towns decorated in Christmas fashion and scented with gingerbread and cinnamon.

Origin of cruising

Before men’s inception, people have become fascinated by oceans, seas, and rivers. These bodies of water have become the leading ways for cargoes and different sorts of explorations and expeditions. With people earning money and wanting some ways to spend what they earn, cruising has become one of the leading ways to spend vacations and holidays. Before, explorations of different parts of the globe were only seen in books but now, exploration has become virtual through cruising.

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