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Vivid Sydney (Photo:

One of the interesting events to watch these days are the lights and music shows in the different parts of the world.

This free entertainment has attracted tourists and has now become an annual event in popular travel destinations like Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

The aesthetic effect of lights, sounds and colors have been drawing the attention not only of tourists but also festival photographers.

Research reveals that lights have positive psychological effects on people.  When mixed with sounds, the moving light shows become a night entertainment in an outdoor environment.  The facade of buildings is being used as the medium where the amazing lighting effects are projected. Some spectacular light shows are synchronised to sound effects or to different types of music.

Here are some places with interesting lights and music shows that are worth seeing.

Sydney, Australia – Known as “Vivid Sydney”, this  annual event transforms the city into “spectacular light festival” after dark.  Aside from lights and sounds, there are also live performances and interactive light scuptures.  Some of the sites  for the light shows are the Circular Quay, The Rocks,  and Darling Harbour City.   A special 3D mapped projections can also be seen on Customs House, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, and Cadman’s Cottage.  This year, Vivid Sydney started in May 24 and will end in June 10.

A Symphony of Lights - Hong Kong


Hong Kong The world’s largest and permanent show of lights and sounds, according to the Guinness World Records, is Hong Kong’s “A Symphony of Lights”.  The show features synchronised display of lights and laser multimedia accompanied by music.  A total of 44 buildings along the Victoria Harbour are participants to this famous night entertainment. It is being held every night  and has become a major tourist attraction.

SingaporeThe spectacular light show is held regularly at the Marina Bay Sands and known as the “Wonder Full Show”. It runs for 13 minutes and features  visual effects with interweaving lasers, video projectors and giant streaming water screens.  The show has been described as “an amazing convergence of light, music and sound”.

JapanThe annual light show being held in the Naban no Sato botanical garden is considered as the best in the country.  It has featured 7 million LED lights with nature as its theme for this year. The creative concept of encasing millions of LED lights in flower-shaped bulbs to create a mountain scenery and rainbow across the sky of the botanical garden is truly amazing.

Interesting facts about lights and music shows

  • First sound and light show was held in France in 1952 with the concept invented by Paul Robert-Houdin.
  • The sound and light show at the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt started in 1960.
  • In Paris, production of light shows has become a popular annual event. The media used for the projection of the special lights are not only buildings but also ruins and stately homes. The famous places are the Palace of Versailles, Loire Valley and Les Invalides.

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