Australian States in Flood Crisis

Australian states have been experiencing worst flooding due to the days of heavy rainfall and expected to continue for more than a month.

Considered as the strongest La Nina on record, the affected states are New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Weather scientists believed that the warming of the Coral and Tasman Seas led to the highest recorded rainfall in some parts of the country causing rivers and waterways to overflow.

Wagga Wagga, a city in Riverina, New South Wales, has been declared a disaster zone as it continues to be stricken by the floodwaters.  Around 9000 residents from the low-lying areas of the city were evacuated while thousands of farms remained isolated. This is the worst flood since 1853.

Heavy rains continue to lash the coast of NSW, including Sydney. According to the State Premier, the cost of the damage is still unknown but the cost to repair the roads damaged by the flood can reach to half a billion dollars.

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