Interesting Facts about Animal Migration

Butterfly migration

Animals always have this kind of charm that gives you the feeling of awe and wonder.  They have this kind of behavior that makes you wonder—what are they thinking? How are they going survive in different situations?  What are their plans and next step?

As magical as it is, it is very rare, yet very inspiring to see flocks of birds crossing the sky, or seeing a pack of penguins seeking food. If you want to witness such a beautiful scenario, you must learn where to find this natural phenomenon around the world and know the right timing when to visit the place for you to see it.

Butterfly Party in Pacific Grove

If you want to see the gorgeous monarch butterflies especially during the winter season, pay a visit to California from October to February. It is known that the residents in the area takes good care of the butterflies and they also let people pay fines for up to $1000 for people disturbing the habitat of the monarchs.

They have traveled for up to 2,000 miles just to reach in California. One thing that attracts the monarch butterflies to come swarming in the area is their warm climate.

The Sardine Marathon

In South Africa from May to July, you’ll see a huge group of sardine fishes doing their greatest marathon swimming from the Agulhad Bank to the North Coast. Everyone who have witnessed this scenario relates how wonderful to see those fishes in an amazing huge crowd. However, tourists are not the only ones who get attracted to the mob of sardine, but also the predators—both human and big fishes.

Some sharks, dolphins come to the area to take a couple of sardine for a snack, while humans also come and throw the biggest fish nets to take home enormous amount of sardine.

Wildebeest Migration

From the months of July to August, you will witness a great migration of wildebeest from Tanzania to Kenya. In Serengeti, thousands of people around the world come and witness how millions of wildebeests make its entrance to their new home.  Although some environmentalists will argue about allowing tourists to witness the scene, it is believed that tourism has helped a lot in the conservation of these animals.  The exciting part of watching it is that how wildebeest survives swimming across the dangerous water current.

Crab migration

Crab’s Amazing Beach and Road Trips

During October and November, Christmas Island is visited with a red-colored visitors—not just one but thousands of them. Residents in Christmas Islands feel the festivity when these red crabs are already on the road. Neighborhoods will come and have a great time for a beer while raking crabs from the road to protect these red friendlies. Christmas Islands also make sure that the roads are blocked during this time in an aim not to harm the crabs—even building special bridges for them.

Humpback Whale Visits

A good news for all the tourists—you will surely have a plenty of time to choose from when to witness the amazing humpback whales. They usually pay a visit to warm seas (usually during summer) in the Pacific Coast of Columbia from July to October, and you can also see them in Australia from June to November. In those places, they also offer cruises that are especially designed for whale-watching, so it will be very convenient for you.

Animal migration is such a great phenomenon that you should never miss. If you’re an animal lover, who have the curiosity on how animals migrate in actual (not just seeing it from Discovery Channel), then mark your calendar for the months these magnificent animals will likely show.

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