Interesting Facts: Boxing

The savagery of hand to hand combat has become a source of entertainment during the time of the gladiators. What used to be a part of a soldier’s training has become a spectator sport in the Roman coliseum, where every blow, and bloodshed is met by loud cheers of entertainment. Today, we experience the same thrill and enjoyment of watching a real fight, without resorting to brutality and with the use of proper sporting equipment to prevent the loss of life or permanent disability.

Boxers, like prizefighters, have their own distinct styles each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Muhammad Ali, for example, was known for his boxing finesse as an “out-fighter” (float like a butterfly, sting like a bee). These fighters rely on speed and reach advantage over their opponent. They’re mobility and fighting finesse made them win a match without a scratch. To be an out-fighter means you have to be excellent hand speed and reach.

Boxer-punchers like  Manny Pacquiao is another type of boxer known as the “boxer-puncher.” They are well-rounded boxers who can take a fight at close range, relying on their maneuvering skills, combinations, and their mobility. They eventually wear out their opponents and finish them off with a knockout

Brawlers, or sluggers, use sheer power to take down their opponents. The downside of course is that they lack the speed and sometimes miss their target, especially a quicker opponent. George Foreman is noted to be a slugger kind of fighter. Although slower in hand speed and mobility, sluggers can take a lot of punishment without being easily worn down.

Arguably the best fighter, and hailed by many as the best heavyweight of all time, Mike Tyson belongs to type of boxers known as the swarmers, or in-fighters. These boxers relentlessly attack their opponent with a flurry of mid-range punches, hooks, and uppercuts. Combined with their massive volume of shots is their bob and weave tactics which makes them very difficult to hit with a clean shot. The use of their bodyweight also gives their punches a lot of momentum and power.

The smart types of boxers are known as the “counter-punchers.” Juan Manuel Marquez belong to this type of boxer. Their shots are clean and well-timed, although not so much volume as the rest of other types. Opponents cannot afford to show their cards with this kind of boxers since they can easily exploit any flaw that they can find from them.

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