Massive Earthquake Hits Pakistan

Massive quake created an island (AFP/Getty)

The powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake that struck south western Pakistan last Tuesday killed more than 300 people, injured hundreds and destroyed 21,000 homes.

According to reports, the villages in the remote area of Balochistan have been flattened and people are believed to be trapped under rubble of collapsed houses and buildings.

The ongoing relief and rescue operations continue amid the difficulty in reaching the survivors due to the mountainous terrain and damaged communication system.

The magnitude of the earthquake was so massive and has caused the appearance of a small island situated just few kilometres off the coastline of Gwadar in the Arabian Sea.

The 18-meter high island measures 200 meters in length and 100 meters wide. It has an oval shape and rough surface.   Scientists are studying the new land formation which has been reported to be emitting flammable gas.

Zahid Rafi, principal seismologist for the National Seismic Monitoring Center, said   “when such a strong earthquake builds pressure, there is the likelihood of such islands emerging.”

Interesting facts about Pakistan

  • Located at the crossroads of South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia.
  • Population is more than 180 million and the 6th most populated country in the world.
  • In terms of land area, it is the 36th largest country or the combined size of France and the United Kingdom.
  • Some parts of the country are within the Indian tectonic plate and Eurasian plate, making those places prone to earthquake.
  • Landscapes include glaciated mountains, plains, deserts, plateaus and hills.
  • Climate is tropical to temperate and there is frequent flooding due to the heavy rainfall during the monsoon. season
  • More than 60 languages are spoken with English as the official language.
  • Major disasters are: earthquake; wind storm; flood and extreme temperature

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