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Cute, lovable, and friendly – these are some of the reasons why cats rank as the most post popular pets in the world. Cats seem to have an inborn tendency to be tamed, which is why cats and humans can live together without any difficulty. They are also valued by humans as pets because of their instinctive ability to hunt for smaller prey like vermin. Cats are actually smart and can be trained to do things with consistent practice.

Our fondness for these furry little creatures can also be a source of comfort and companionship. Some psychologists observe how owning a cat as a pet dramatically improves a person’s mood and help in relieving stress. Those who want to own one but are allergic to cat dander and fur may take allergy medicine or bathe their cats more frequently. Hypo-allergic breed of cats may soon become available, and there would be no need of allergic medicines.

Regardless of the color and breed of cats, they all have the same thing in common – they’re just so cute, loveable and fun to play with.

In case you’re interested to own one, here are some of the breeds you can choose from:

1. Manx – This dense, stocky cat is distinguished by its very short back, big bones, hind legs longer than the front, and typically tailless. A mature Manx cat can weigh up to twelve pounds.

2. Siamese – These cats are known for their distinct coat pattern, blue almond eyes, elegant posture, and grace. Unlike the Manx, they have long, slender body and weigh less. They are also known for their remarkable fondness to their owners.

3. Chartreux – Yes, it is a French breed of cat as the name suggests. This cat combines the massive built of the Manx and the fondness of the Siamese. Usually grayish in color, these cats are known for their sweet voice and charm which quite unusual for a cat of this built.

Cats are trained similarly with dogs. Never kick or hit your cat. Remember, cats are smart and responds to proper training. Reprimand your cat every time it does something wrong. Pick any word that works for your cat and use it consistently. This may sound silly but does really work. Your cat instinctively remembers this word (e.g. “No!,” “Stop!,” etc.) and refrains from doing it. Or you can squirt or sprinkle a little water on its face to drive it out from your kitchen sink or dinner table.

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