Man’s best friend


When we talk about dogs, we always think of them as a loyal friend and companion. It excites us just to see one, especially if it is a puppy. People love to make them as pets at home because in nature, they can be trained very well and can be as friendly as any human being. Sometimes, however, owners of dogs are misled on how to train them well that’s why they become stubborn and naughty.

Just like us, dogs in nature feel concern to human most especially to their owner. That’s why they are man’s best friend. They love humans and the young ones too. They take them as their playmate or a friend most of the time. Once they are well-trained, they behave well just like us.

Dogs in nature are intelligent and teachable. You can train dog not just as pet but also as guard, guide and can be a good entertainer. Here are some of the things your dog can be trained to do for you:

1. Entertainer. Dogs can be trained to do a lot of cool tricks, starting with the most basic skills and gradually progressing to more advanced skills. You don’t have to be an expert trainer, and your dog doesn’t need to have talent either. One of the most common ways to train a dog is through positive reinforcement, using a clicker to signal a positive response and some treats as rewards. Start by guiding the dog to do simple things like sitting, standing, walking, followed by the clicker and some small treats. Soon your dog will recognize the sound as doing the right thing in which a pleasurable experience follows.

2. Police assistant. Because dogs have a keener sense of smell, they can be trained to do things that would be too difficult for a police officer. Dogs can be trained to track down people, the missing ones or those who are in hiding. They can also be trained to recognize different scents like illegal drugs, bombs, and other contraband. Training for this kind of job is basically the same with doing tricks. First, you let your dog sniff a certain thing, and have it remember the scent with a clicking sound and giving a treat. Later on, you can let the dog find it from random boxes and teach the dog to sit or bark when it recognizes the scent.

3. Guide for the blind and visually impaired. This perhaps is the most challenging task for both the trainer and the dog because people’s lives depend on it, especially those who have visual impairments. That’s why, it requires a lot of training and trainers must undergo apprenticeship. Some of the things dogs are trained to is watching the streets to see if it’s safe to cross, guiding the blind for any obstacles along the way, and other complex tasks.

Dogs are known for being dependable and their loyalty to their masters. They can lighten things up, offer some protection, and render service without complaining. Dogs are man’s best friend after all.

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3 thoughts on “Man’s best friend

  1. I really like animals. I live in an apartment so I can’t have a dog so that’s a little disappointing. I wonder what the smartest breed of dog is?

  2. The no. 1 smartest breed are the Border Collies but you cannot leave them alone all day. They become destructive if they have nothing to do. The no. 2 is the Poodle, very intelligent and easy to train but a little bit sensitive.

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