Positive Intelligence as Measure of Success

It has been proven that a person’s positive intelligence will have a significant effect to his career, relationships, and his perception of success and life’s fulfillment.  A lot of people are looking for ways to succeed in life. They all feel that they are equipped to succeed, but they do not know how to reach that destination called success.

While most people focus on the extrinsic factors, it is undeniably true that there are also intrinsic factors of not being successful. It lends truth to the famous saying that “man’s greatest enemy is himself”.

What is positive intelligence?

Positive intelligence is the percentage or extent of an individual’s mind that serves him as opposed to sabotaging him. An individual’s IQ and EQ contribute to achieving his maximum potential. It is the positive intelligence that determines the measure of success he or she would actually achieve.

Positive intelligence can help improve a person’s life. With the help mental exercise and some useful tips, a person can have the ability to balance life well and be able to stay at the top of his game in the workplace and in his career.

How to enhance positive intelligence?

There are plenty of methods that will help strengthen positive intelligence. One common suggestion is to develop new brain “muscles” in order to manage stress, balance life and work more effectively, and overcome stress.

A person can exercise his brain as long as he is not hesitant to change. One of these changes is being able to meditate for at least several minutes a day. Meditating has been proven to enhance a person’s positive intelligence. The person may think of several things that he or she is grateful of in the past twenty four hours. If too busy, he may have to take some time exercising.

Another suggestion is to identify the top mental saboteurs that may be dominating his life. Some of them can deal a lot harm – the controller, avoider, pleaser, victim and judge. Each of these saboteurs manifests themselves in a person’s life in a negative way. The “victim”, for instance has a reputation of dwelling too much on the negative side of things.

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