Relax in Floating Hotels

King Pacific Lodge of Canada

Floating hotels are getting trendy and popular for family outings nowadays. Aside from being different from common inland hotels, floating hotels unwind the senses for those who need to relax. So, if you want  satisfaction with the unique style of amenities and experiences, find time to visit the new features of floating hotels.

Have great rest days with the exotic arrays of relaxing treatment of the floating hotels or “Flotels”.  Here are the top most visited floating hotels around the world:

King Pacific Lodge of Canada. Nestled in British Columbia Canada, King Pacific Lodge is designed to be the top floating barge of the world.   Visiting the marvelous place lets you experience the breeze from pristine wilderness at the back of the hotel. The lodge is perfectly made of four- decker boat hauling to the Princess Royal Island harbor.  The wild at the back of the hotel creates a delightful contrast to the extremely luxurious designs of the flotel’s interior.

It has seventeen lavishly extravagant rooms with soft, comfortable large beds and own baths for only $4750 during a 3-night stay. Experience being able to witness fowls, bears, sea-lions and whales, orcas on the other side of the King Pacific. Visit the place from May to October for the first ever present scent of pine and fir of the place. You can reach the place through hydroplane or you can also come by in your own sailboats.

Punta Caracol Agualodge of Panama. A 15-minute boat ride from Panama City takes you to the islands of Bocas del Torro across the Caribbean and Punta Caracol Aqualodge.  It is made up of 6 stilted, wooden huts with palm-leaf roof aqua lodge where you can watch the playing dolphins in the surfs.

For eco-friendly travelers, Punta Caracol is for you. The materials used are eco friendly; the lodge is powered by solar energy, the huts from the local materials, and has its own plant for sewage treatment. The place protected at least 14 acres of rainforest and mangroves.

Visitors can make their tours from rainforest and mangroves and experience fishing and snorkeling in the nearby protected reefs all day. After a long day and wonderful trips, guest can relax and be accommodated with candle-lit dinner in the terrace.

Awaken your self in the morning facility of the Aqualodge with your healthy breakfast while watching the niggling dolphins at your veranda.  With all mentioned facilities, Punta Caracol charges you with only $316 for the whole night of your stay.

Moon River Nile Cruise. Experience the one of a kind mixture of adventure in the quality floating hotel and cruise no one could ever beat.   M/V Moon River is the most luxurious floating hotel in the famous, and one of the 7 wonders of the world, the River Nile. The five-star floating hotel features a 55-passenger cabins with panoramic windows for you to view the surroundings from fully air-conditioned rooms and all the room facilities; large sun deck for bar and swimming pool, gift shops for souvenirs, beauty salon, comfortable lounge with bars and many others makes everyone who get there want to stay for good. It is perfectly made really for the complete satisfaction of the visitors who get in.

In addition to these floating hotels, the stunning hotel designed for floating is the most talked about Aerohotel. The Russian architect named Alexander Asadov designed the Aerohotel into a spaceship-like floating hotel. The idea of building it elegantly above water instead of inland is to protect and preserve life. The facilities include great hanging gardens, quality and first class restaurants, cafes and safety landing area for airships or plane.

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