The Human Robots in Japan

Honda Asimo - the human robot

The origin and the evolution of robot technology in Japan can hardly be traced. Some authors contribute it to the country’s love for dolls. Others say it was due to the country’s slowly declining population, hence the need for a mechanical substitute to the human workforce.

Japan has been widely known when it comes to robotics and human-looking machines. Robots are defined as anything virtual or mechanical that can perform task manually or automatically. Japan has been in the forefront robot technology for a number of years until today.

More than fifty percent of the world’s top robot engineers are in Japan. From the animations in the screen to the real thing, nothing beats Japan when it comes to robots. The evolution of robot-making and robot uses has improved dramatically. They are now using robots from the law enforcement to search and rescue missions. The latest catastrophe and disaster that shook Japan gave credence to the usefulness of robots even more as these highly sophisticated machines helped save thousands of lives during the aftermath.

Japan has the most advanced robots that could even perform task in the most demanding places and situations. Although there might be plenty of other countries and governments that have funded robotic projects, Japan is a known pioneer and the greatest contributor in the field of robotics.

When we think of robots with human-like appearance, robots that can even mimic human behaviors and reactions, there is no country that has shown so much seriousness and improvement than Japan. There are plenty of robots in Japan that can do human functions and task like making coffee, being a receptionist, drive a car and even dancing.

One of the most famous robots in Japan and around the world is Honda’s Asimo. This year, the robot has done a lot of improvements like moving around without being controlled. There are plenty of positive impacts that these robots have made for humans.

In Japan, robots are constantly developed to assist the elderly, read some newspapers for them and even get their food. It has significantly made a lot of lives better from industrial to medical industries.

The downside is, of course, that some people might lose their jobs to their mechanical counterparts – the robots.

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