Beautiful Tokyo

Relive the experience of feudal Japan with its delightful blend of simplicity and beauty in architecture, sacred shrines, magnificent castles and serene environment. Japan is known for its fabled samurai warriors and mystical ninja clans whose legacy still remains. The Imperial Palace (Edo Castle) is an imposing structure that stands amidst the imperial grounds of Tokyo, Japan. Surrounded with high walls and a series of moats, this stronghold offers protection against the insurgents and rival clans of the Japanese imperial family. On special occasions, the inner sanctum is open to visitors, particularly on January 2 and December 23 when the imperial family makes their public appearance. Here they will see the most magnificent gardens and buildings of ancient Japan.

Next to the Imperial Palace is the East Gardens. This tourist attraction is open to all visitors on weekdays. The best months to visit the garden is on March and April when plum and cherry blossom are in season. North of the East Gardens is the Kitanomaru Park, featuring the Nihon Bodukan which showcase live concerts, and martial competitions on a regular basis. Within the park visitors may also take a visual tour of their Kagaku Gijuyutsukan or Science museum.

The most beautiful cherry blossom site in Tokyo is found in Chidoriga-fuchi Moat located northwest of the Imperial grounds. March to April are the best months to see its breathtaking scenery where cherry blossoms bloom at its peak. Rowboats are stationed at the moat to give tourists a worthwhile experience as it takes them to a spellbinding tour of medieval Japan. Because cherry blossoms periods attracts quite a large number of visitors, the rate is slightly higher than they would during off-peak season.

Paying homage to deity is an integral part of the Japanese culture. Numerous shrines and temples show just how remarkably great their beliefs are about divine influence to the everyday living from every walks of life. In Chuo Line, near the Ochanomizu Station stands the Holy Resurrection Cathedral built during the 19th century. North of the station is another shrine known as the Kanda Myojin regarded as the most sacred place during the Edo shogunate. Every other year, a festival called the Kanda Matsuri is held in this place every other year. Large number of spectators come together just to see this rare event.



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