Interesting Facts about Online Shopping

Online shopping is a place where consumers can quickly and easily buy goods or services from the internet entrepreneurs.

In the following years after Tim Berbers-Lee made the first World Wide Web browser in 1990, it has become available for commercial use. The progress of the technology took place in the year 1994, when online banking and online shopping became available after the introduction of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) by Netscape. The code or cipher has the capability to transfer data online thus ensuring the security of online shopping. The first to introduce online shopping is the German company Intershop followed by other sites such as the Amazon in the year 1995 and eBay in 1996.

Online shopping is becoming more popular from the start up to this day. For instance, the 2006 survey shows that  E-commerce B2B total sales reach up to $146.4 billion, 18.3 billion from clothing sold online or 10 percent of the total local market sales.  It was estimated according to Forrester Research that the online sale of United States alone would reach up to $279 billions in the year 2015.

Although online shopping is popular nowadays, it still has its limitations. It is originally designed to all consumers but only to those who can afford to comply with the requirements.  To shop online, you must have computer and internet access, bank account, and a debit card or credit card. That’s why online shopping is still catered only for the middle and upper class individuals who can meet the requirements

Why does online shopping exist?

Online shopping provides costumers convenience, wide selection, price value, quick and easy accessibility of the products through high quality level of information available 24/7. You can also save time shopping online unlike purchasing items offline in busy, crowded department stores. You can also have access to wide selection of products by just clicking your mouse of your computer.

Another thing that is fascinating in online shops is that it offers products at a price lower than some offline stores. Aside from that, you are also well-informed about the latest trends of several brands of products from different providers in one site. You can avail of their retailer price or lower than the suggested retail price if you have a bulk order.

Moreover, if product sent is not as the costumer wanted or expected it, the costumer can return the item in replacement with a new one. Some online companies like (online shoe retailer) have more generous return policies which enable customers to return the products for free. Other popular and reliable sites include (electronic gadgets, mp3 and 4, digitals cameras etc),, eBay and Best Value Bazaar (hosting services).

Tips for online shoppers:

  • Be sure to use secure passwords.
  • Ensure that the store uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Check the reputation of the seller by reading the reviews and asking questions.
  • Check the product and full cost.
  • Read the site’s privacy policy.
  • Pay securely by checking that address begins with https:// or the right corner of the browser window shows an image of a padlock.

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