Travel Guide to Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur is truly Asia. It is a melting pot of ethnic Malays, Chinese migrants and the colonial British who opted to remain in this extra ordinary city.

It is a culturally diverse city with bustling metropolis and dotted with world’s tallest buildings. In addition, it is a city of contrast with historic and ancient temples standing side by side with cyber centers.

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most popular destinations in the world. From a tin mining company, it has evolved and transformed to a city worthy of the frivolities of the 21st century.

Popular Attractions

Aside from the renowned Twin Towers, among the popular attractions offered by this exotic city is the stunning Menara KL, a communications tower that has an observing deck to glimpse the city’s majestic skylines.

From there, proceed to the Islamic Arts museum. Feast your eyes with the different Islamic art crafts, and make your vacation memorable by buying some of the most elaborate paintings, sculpture and the like.

Rest your tourist feet and commune with nature via the Lake Garden Park where striking birds like hornbills, parrots and eagles spread wings.

Experience the mystery of Batu Caves a 272 steps cave complex where you will meet a bevy of strange and bizarre carvings of Hindu deities.

Then be transported to another era at one of the famous colonial destinations in the country, the Merdeka square where you can have a glimpse of frozen in time colonial buildings.

But then, the richness of Kuala Lumpur is really its vibrant culture. One of the most celebrated festivals is the Deepavali or Diwali wherein Indian nationalities celebrate by opening their homes to visitors in the belief that they will be blessed by the goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi.

Dine and Shop

Tickle your palate with out of the ordinary food like spicy curries mostly made up of fish, prawns, and other kind of seafoods and tandoorri.  Check these at Devi’s corner at 14JN Telawi 2 for mamak and the spicy curry.

Another must try are the food hawked at Jalan Raju Munda Musa at Kampung Baru. Many revelers gather at Kampung Baru for the pasar malam. Authentic Malaysian foods are dished out until the early morning of Sunday. There are the ikan panggang a Malaysian term for grilled skate and rojak, another local term for spicy fruit and vegetable salad, and huge servings of mamak or Indian Muslim food.

Shop until you drop in Jalan Petaling, the version of KL’s china town, where the price of everything can be wrangled. If you are a seasoned haggler, this is truly a place for you. For less than ten ringgit, you can shop all you want whether it’s a watch, a bag, shoes  or accessories.

Though, most of the items are imitations, they are not far from the original design. The excitement in KL does not stop, there is the wet market that is crammed with shoppers at night to negotiate their way to prices and wares. Almost all unusual fruits and meats can be found here like pig’s innards, or a stingray fillet.


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