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Perth (Photo: Maricelle Bautista)

Australia is considered as the smallest of the seven continents in terms of land area. Its population density is also the smallest in the world, with just 3 people in every square kilometer. That’s because a third of the continent is largely uninhabited particularly the arid regions of the west and central states.

Along the coast is another face of Australia – highly urbanized and industrialized, and buzzing with all sorts of business, social, and tourism activities.  Some of the largest cities according to population are Sydney (New South Wales), Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (Queensland), Perth (Western Australia) and Adelaide (South Australia).

Here are some interesting facts about the two popular cities in Western Australia.


Australia’s fourth largest city of about 1.83 million people, the city of Perth is the capital of Western Australia. It is one of the most peaceful places to live in.

When it comes to economy, the city dominates the whole of Western Australia. People in Perth can experience the serenity of their secluded beaches along the coastline or wander around the city’s vast outer plains, parks, and other worthwhile attractions.

Off the coast of Perth is the island of Rottnest, one of Australia’s best summer destinations. Aussies and tourists have been going to the place for nearly half a century. But if you want to spend more time on the beach than traveling to the place, Scarborough Beach and Cottesloe Beach can save you a lot of time and money. Perth’s exquisite beaches define relaxation like no other place in the world.

Parks also abound the place due to the vast expanse of land that are mostly untouched by human civilization, most notably the outer parks of John Forrest and Whiteman Park.

Perth’s seafood is also the best in world. The western rock lobster or crayfish, for instance, is a favorite during summer. They are very costly in other countries – but not in Perth. In a good season, you can eat as much as you want without paying much at all. You might also want to try some of their seafood delicacies such as the chili mussels and other mouthwatering local specialties.


Although regarded as a suburb of Perth, it is actually a city in itself. Its tiny population, land area and highly urbanized lifestyle provide a delightful contrast to Perth’s enormous size and more laid-back environment. The dishes are also a little different. Fremantle offers more vegetarian diets compared to Perth.

The city stays up late so there’s nightlife going on all over the place. In fact, many people from Perth go to Fremantle just to spend the night in various nightlife activities. Safety is not an issue so tourists and visitors can have peace of mind during the nights. Some of the popular places include the Kulcha Club, Newport, and Metropolis Fremantle.

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