Unusual Places to Spend the Night

Ice Hotel in Sweden

People who want to experience something out of the ordinary can’t afford to miss these exotic places to spend the night after a day of sightseeing or just hanging out with friends on a vacation trip.

These out-of-this-world accommodations are full of surprises, yet they are the finest in terms of comfort and enjoyment.

Take a tour in one of these amazing places ranging from the extraordinary to the bizarre.

The Oxford Mal

This boutique hotel in England used to be the kind of place people want to escape from. That’s right. Oxford Mal was actually a prison for convicts converted into a 94-bedroom hotel. Now equipped with a buzzy bar, brasserie, and luxurious accommodation, this hotel is one place you surely want to escape into.

Jule's Undersea Lodge in Florida


Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Scientist used to stay here for their underwater research. Converted into a cozy luxury hotel, this place offers a mesmerizing view of the ocean floor where one can actually watch all sorts of marine life and makes one literally “sleep with the fishes.” This underwater hotel in Florida is  equipped with showers, microwave and fridge. The first of its kind in the world.

Das Park Hotel

Austria has a novel idea with sewer pipes and this hotel is one good example. Entirely made up concrete drainpipes over 2 meters wide, this hotel is a perfect place to stay for camping, picnic, and other outdoor activities. Each room has a porthole window, front door, and a cozy bedroom. Best of all, you can pay for the stay any amount as you wish.

The Ice Hotel

Situated in Sweden’s sub-zero temperatures, this hotel is uber-cool the whole year round. The hotel’s 59 bedroom, cinema, art gallery, sauna, and vodka bar provides the coolest hotel and accommodation experience in the world. The icy beds, however, are not as chilly as you think since they are nicely covered in comfy reindeer hides. Soft and warm sleeping bags also will also come in handy.

Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort

It’s a cave hotel in Italy. Make no mistake, however; it’s actually a four-star accommodation and one of Italy’s finest. This hotel has been literally dug-out from the rock. It has two restaurants, a bar and art gallery. The rooms give a prehistoric look and feel allowing its guest to experience the kind of life our ancestors used to live 9,000 years ago.

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