Travel to Five Happiest Places in the World

Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen Denmark

Now if you’re one of those who is looking towards redefining and reshaping yourself into a more positive and happy individual, it pays to live in a place where you are surrounded with people who share the same outlook in life.

Everyone deserves to be happy, right? So if you’re going to take the next step forward, maybe this list of the five happiest countries in the world will leave contemplating on changing your residence, too.

Or perhaps the idea of travelling to happy places where open mindedness and love are naturally in the air can change the way you view your own life. Happiness, as you will realize later on is a complex feeling borne out of many other factors including intimacy and contentment.

Five Happiest Countries in the World

1. Denmark

Denmark is the happiest country in 2013 and that is for many good reasons. One of them is the Tivoli Gardens. Being one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, it is frequently visited by local and foreign visitors. If you’re in Copenhagen, don’t forget to mingle with Danish locals in a picnic site at the King’s Garden in Roseborg. Dine in a Danish home and you will experience firsthand the concept of “hygee,” something which they consider as the root of all happiness in the country.

2. Norway

Norway is another European nation on top of the happiest countries in the world. The capital of Oslo alone provides the most tangible sign of happiness and joy. There’s a celebration in the city called the Michelin food guide that gathers people from all walks of life. For a rather “nature” type of experience, there’s the Dovrefiell National Park for everyone who wants to take some time rediscovering themselves.

3. Switzerland

There is so much to love about Switzerland and that’s why the people there are quite happy about their country. For instance, there’s Zermatt, a skiing town intended to provide utmost fun for skiers. Hikers meanwhile are going to certainly enjoy the Matterhorn. When you’re in need of some peace of mind and that much needed vacation, Switzerland is a great place to go.

4.  Netherlands

If there’s one very notable and popular symbol of happiness in the Netherlands, it’s the tulip. It’s no wonder that the Dutch are one of the happiest people in the world. They have the luxury of seeing the Keukenhof gardens once the tulips start to bloom. In fact, for those who are looking for a place to visit to redeem the sense of happiness in them, the country is a definite must-visit. There are millions of people visiting each year to see the different varieties of tulips and other flowers.

5.  Sweden

If you’re looking for a more peaceful way of realizing happiness, Sweden is a nice destination. You can book for a paddling trip in the western part of the country or perhaps do some exploration in the Marine National Park.

Some tips to be happy

You need to understand that being happy doesn’t really require that much effort. It is something that comes inherent to every individual. The only thing you need to ensure is you know how to be one.

The good news is we have some convenient tips for you:

  1. Having the right genes helps. Alright, to be fair, this is something beyond every one’s control. But you do have to know that there’s an obvious link between heredity and happiness. Research has proven that fifty percent of our happiness is embedded in our DNA.
  2. Ideal temperature breeds happiness. A 2011 study also revealed that there’s a link between warm weather and having a happy mood. This means you need to be in the beach in the summer time or keep yourself warm during the cold season in order to be in the mood of being happy.
  3. Practice some mindfulness. This means you need to learn how to be in the moment. So instead of being always worried about anything tomorrow, you need to focus more on what’s in store for today.
  4. Define “Lol.” Laugh out loud if you want to be happy. Remember that the anticipation of a funny or humorous event will significantly raise the level of endorphins in the body, thereby leading to the lower production of stress hormones.
  5. Have a lot of sleep. One vital sign of depression and stress is the lack of sleep. So those people who are deprived of sleep can never be too confident about being happy.


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