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Norway is one of the known countries of Scandinavia. It occupies part of western Scandinavian Peninsula spanning 385,252 km² of land area and a population of 4.9 million people.

Norway’s first inhabitants are influenced by Ahrensburg culture, (the Upper Paleolithic culture way back 11th-10th BC) named after the village called the Ahrensburg in northeast Hamburg Germany. Early discoveries indicate that Norway’s indigenous populations through Norse culture are the Sámi and Norwegians. The monarch declared the kingdom founded by these people. The influx of missionary movements in the country slowly turned Norse traditions into Christianity since the early 11th century up to the present.

If you would ask someone who knows the place, they’d probably tell you something their familiar with – Norway’s marvelous and captivating sceneries from the heart of its cities, to the majestic beauty of surrounding mountains and panoramic inlets. Norway abounds with natural surprises.

Take a pick from the top most visited destinations in Norway.

  1. Bergen. Our tour starts in the capital city of the Bergen. Nine hundred ninety years ago, the city was founded by King Olav, the first to ever build a Christian church in Norway. The city is rich in historical and gothic designs of Cathedrals, Hanseatic style houses, sculptures, serene mountains and rides around the city.
  2. Oslo. The magnificent sculpture garden is a must see — Vigeland Park located at Oslo Norway. It’s the warmest, sunniest place of Norway during summer with cool snowfall during winters. It has a lot of historical centers – museums, parks, and art galleries. It’s an exciting experience for people to widen their perspective.
  3. Sognefjord. “Norway in a nutshell” – it’s this place is like a side trip or a day’s trip for Norway’s tourists in an incredibly short period of just one day.  The tour in the train rides allows visitors to see the beautiful scenery, the awe inspiring waterfalls and many other scenic spots. Next, they have boating trips to see the stunning fjords and other enchanting sights.
  4. Hotell Ullensvang (Lofthus, Hordaland) Home of luxurious hotels overlooking the beautiful landscape of Norway, perfect for honeymoon destinations, family vacation and holidays. The hotel features state-of-the-art facilities, amenities, and unique themes in every room.
  5. Briksdal Glacier. The most interesting part of the tour is being able to touch the glacier with your own hand. You don’t actually step on the glacier but you can touch it while riding in the buggy (small battery-powered cart) moving up the mountain. The most exciting experience during the trip is the adventurous walk along the glassy and slippery boulders, trees, crystallized water you can see while climbing up the mountain.

Norway is such a blessed country that some people would want to stay here for good. A trip to Norway gives us the Norwegian experience and enjoy different lifestyles even for a short while.

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