Facebook Changes Aggravate Users

Recently, there are 750 millions users who are a little upset about some major changes in their most- viewed social network—Facebook.

Just this Tuesday, a torrent of complaints poured about the changes made by Facebook, inciting them to click the “dislike” button on their page.

The Facebook ticker, a fast-scrolling stream of your friends’ activities on the right side of the page, is just one of the Facebook’s home-page changes.

What are the features of the ticker?

  • Because of the ticker, it makes the screen a little bit smaller than used to.
  • Aside from that, the default icons of your friends’ latest post and the News Feeds are all gone.
  • Instead, it was changed to “Top Stories” or “More Recent Stories.
  • Only those feeds that are rated top stories; “comments” and “likes” from your friends are visible only in the streams, not the latest news or posts.

What users say?

CNN quoted several comments from the top Facebook users Franklin Habit, Brandon Howell, Kristy Montaney and others.

  • One of them said that this is the worst improvement Facebook official site has ever made to their site and its usefulness will diminish because it lacks ease of access.
  • Some are more outspoken when it comes to their disappointment and dislikes of the changes.
  • Others want the old features back where they can view their latest News Feeds from the most recent to oldest events.
  • They want the “Top Stories” taken out from their home pages.

What Facebook says?

To shed light into queries about the social network site, developer Mark Tonkelowitz made a statement in the Facebook Blog site regarding this new Facebook facelift. Here are the highlights of what he said:

  • The scheme was designed to help the users who don’t have much time to log in.
  • Only the most important content are posted and not just the latest ones, thus saving them a lot of time.
  • The old news Feed will only act as a personal newspaper.
  • Users should not to worry about their missing essential stuffs because all of the news will be streamed in a single flow where the most interesting stories are featured at the top and not the latest one.
  • Check Facebook more frequently to see the newer stories at the top of your feed.

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