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Interesting Facts about Online Games

Fast-paced, sophisticated and highly competitive – that’s the kind of world that we’re living into right now. Today we are more concerned about how we spend our time. A basketball game with your friends or a tennis match on the hard court would be just fine. But the question is, how often can you do […]

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Facebook Changes Aggravate Users

Recently, there are 750 millions users who are a little upset about some major changes in their most- viewed social network—Facebook. Just this Tuesday, a torrent of complaints poured about the changes made by Facebook, inciting them to click the “dislike” button on their page. The Facebook ticker, a fast-scrolling stream of your friends’ activities […]

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The Facebook Era

Social networking sites have redefined social life by taking it to the next level. They allow us to socialize with other people in different countries across the world, share ideas and interests, find our friends and relatives abroad, looking for business opportunities, among many other things. Perhaps you’re thinking of a particular social networking site […]

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