Health Benefits of Modern Meditation

Today, meditation is gradually detached from its religious origin.

Modern meditation like “Transcendental Meditation” is used for health-related purposes and to improve man’s well-being.

Here are the benefits you can get in practising meditation:

  • Helps in pain management – you now don’t need to buy ibuprofen pills for your body aches. According to the Journal of Neuroscience that was published in the year 2011, meditating for 80 minutes will cut the pain about 50%.  It doesn’t remove all the pain, but it dulls it, thus making it tolerable.
  • Improves your positive thinkingeveryday, we are faced with varying mental traps. It can be a conflict with co-worker or a decision to make or an opportunity to grab or not. Meditation practising, based on the study conducted by Journal Plos One, will help people in dealing with problem solving.
  • Keeps you emotionally stable – According to researcher Richard Davidson, it is important especially for the young ones to practice meditation. It can improve the way you think—you will be more focused on empathy and compassion, thus improving your state of mind and emotional equilibrium.
  • Stress Reliever – Stressed?  Instead of eating junk foods which might put you on additional weight, practice meditation. Raison, who participated in a study about meditation and stress reduction, said that since stress is the root of all kinds of illnesses and killer diseases, finding ways to combat it would be very beneficial.
  • Cardiovascular Health – On a study conducted in the College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine in Iowa, regular practice of meditation can significantly reduce the high blood pressure on hypertensive patients on a long term basis.

Simple Tips to Do Meditation

1. Spare a time to meditate – On a busy day, schedule a time for your meditation, preferably during early in the morning. The effect of meditation will be felt dramatically if you do it regularly (on a daily basis).

2. Level yourself with the ground – Sit on a flat surface, and do the lotus position. Stay calm and keep your arms and legs relaxed.

3. Relax every part of your body – Observe your body, every part of it and see what part is tensed. Relax those parts that are tensed and you’ll see how your body will feel better. Shoulders, arms, and back are often tensed.

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