Interesting Facts about Europe’s Big Freeze

(Photo: D. Cabansag)

Europe’s weather did not go well as it is this winter season and things began to pummel in a stage of deep peril.

Massive snowfalls have infiltrated houses, hindered transportation and disappointed travelers and tourists under the freezing climate.

The below average temperatures in twenty-two countries in Europe have caused deaths to hundreds with thousands undergoing treatment in hospitals due to frostbite and hypothermia.

According to authorities, the big freeze will continue to accumulate snow in Eastern and Central Europe with Ukraine as the worst hit country.

The extreme cold temperatures have also made some parts of the famous Danube River nearly frozen which disrupted shipping operations in the area. In other places, roads were impassable and trains were paralyzed due to the heavy snowfall.  Even the gondolas in Venice, Italy cannot operate on the frozen canals.

Here is what you have to hear from the aftermath of a dreadful winter week in Europe:


  • The country has recorded more that 100  deaths with temperatures reaching  (-)16.6 degrees Celsius in the capital city.
  • More than three thousands people were hospitalized with the homeless locals mostly affected.


  • The thick fogs in winter were never been expected this worst.
  • The cold-related deaths totalled to almost 100.


  • Towards the southern region of Serbia, local news had reported that thousands of villages in the mountains are covered by heavy snow.
  • Emergency response teams hurried to 32 municipalities to rescue and evacuate locals in the area.


  • Russia faced pressures due to the expected shortages of gas deliveries from nine countries.
  • The weather temperature remained constant to (-)5 degrees Celsius for three weeks with increased demands of gas usage.


  • Heavy snow have paralyzed many cities with the decline in tourism as a result of the ice formation in some popular attractions.
  • Three inches of snow leave cars deserted along the highway and few roads remained block.


  • Heathrow Airport had to cancel about thirty percent of the flights which slowed down its commercial business.


  • Flights have been cancelled for both domestic and international due to the extreme weather condition.


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