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Winter Storm Continues to Hit US and Canada

A week after the snow storm, the north eastern region of the United States was again hit by a huge winter storm last Monday. In Chicago, the storm left more than a foot of snow while from New York City to Boston, the early morning commuters experienced the freezing rain, gusty winds and snow. Meteorologists […]

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Large Ice and Snow Festivals in the World

Harbin Ice Festival Every country highlights tradition of festivities that made them popular and dominant over the other. Regardless of weather or the type of climate, country folks strive to reinvent their ways to make their place popular. Every now and then, festivals can be seen all over the world, each creating different impressions and […]

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Coldest winter

What could have caused the world’s coldest winter? Can this be a result of climate change or global warming? Who are to be blamed for this? Many people believe that there is something wrong with the earth. Let’s consider what happened to the country of Russia when they suffered from this coldest winter phenomenon. Last […]

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