Interesting Places to Visit During Winter Season

Annual Sapporo Snow festival in Hokkaido Japan

Winter Season is much more exciting and fun if you’d go out and discover the beauty of nature on other places in the world.

Instead of getting stuck in the four corners of our home during these season, why not enjoy the icy hot adventure and indulge yourself in cool places with the best experience ever.

There are many places in the world worth visiting during winter like the ones listed below.

Best Places to Visit during Winter Season

  • Hawaii – Hawaii is one of the best places to visit during winter. There are many places in Hawaii that give serenity and peace to every tourist. Activities like sightseeing of Kilauea volcano and watching the molten lava on the spot, hiking on the valley of Waipio, temple visits and also playing on the top of Mauna Kea are captivating experiences during winter time in Hawaii.
  • Florida –Although it is known as the “Sunshine State”, Florida is a favorite destination during winter season. The place is known for its wonderful theme parks such as the Disney World, Sea World and many other attractions that will soothe and uplift your mood. Key West is a city in Florida that you visit. Here the weather  has just the right amount of temperature—not too cold and not too hot. It’s a great getaway when experiencing colder days in your place.  Key West is known for its warm beaches, aquariums,  Mallory Square and also Ernest Hemingway’s old home are just few of the spots to see in the place.
  • Japan – In some places, winter season is another time to celebrate cold months. Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the most popular celebrations during winter in Japan. For seven days, usually during February, statues made from snow and crystal ice are exhibited on parks. Many tourist visit Japan for the festival since these ice crystal statues attracts more and more travelers due to its dreamy nature. Another activity that must be enjoyed during Sapporo festival in Japan is ski, snow slides and mazes.

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