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World’s Most Visited Skiing Sites

World's Most Visited Skiing Sites

Skiing is a thrilling leisure activity during winter season and one of the most popular winter sports in the world.  Aside from being a good form of exercise, it’s also fun. Skiing has already been used as a means of transportation in Scandinavia 4000 years ago.  Alpine skiing, a popular sports in Norway, began as […]

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Interesting Facts about Chocolates

Interesting Facts about Chocolates

When people hear about chocolates, they think of it as square cut bars wrapped in foil and packed in boxes or candy wrappers. Long time ago, chocolates were actually brewed bitter drinks from cacao beans. Origin of chocolate The word “chocolate” came from the Aztec’s Nahuatl “chocolatl”or “xocoatl” meaning “sour or bitter water or drink”.  […]

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Rare October Snowstorm Hits U.S.

Rare October Snowstorm Hits U.S.

A rare snowstorm hit U.S.  Northeast over the weekend and has caused major damage to electric infrastructure across six states. About a million people are still without power due to the widespread power outages and utility crews are still struggling to restore electricity to the affected areas. The storm was accompanied by howling winds and […]

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Qantas Flights Back to Normal

Qantas Flights Back to Normal

Australia’s national airline, Qantas, is back in the sky after all its flights were grounded last Saturday due to a labor dispute. The company issued a statement sincerely regretting the impact to the customers of the industrial action for the past few months. It also added that it will look “forward to rapid recovery and […]

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