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Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia (

In the year 1939 up to 1975 Spain was under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. During this time Franco wanted to unify the division between Spain and other regional languages and to promote the Roman Catholic Church as the official religion of the country. However, after his death in the year 1975 the country’s government returns into democracy under the administration of King Juan Carlos 1. This is the beginning of the expressions of fun and  art as well as the night life called the La Movida.

Spain is a beautiful country of southern Europe located at Iberian Peninsula. With more than 46 million inhabitants of about 504,782km2, Spain becomes the 51th world’s largest cities. Its original name is he Kingdom of Spain or Reino de España.

Spain’s capital city is Madrid—the largest city located at the heart of the country compared to Barcelona, Valencia, Magara, Alicante, Granada and others. The official language of Spain is Spanish.

Spanish music is influenced to some degree to a West Andalusian musical genre, the flamenco. Most of their music consists of folk music but nowadays heavy metal and hip is also becoming popular in the country. One of the most popular musical instrument in the world, the guitar, came to us from Spain, its country of origin.

Spanish people like European football as their favorite sport in the same way that Americans like American football. In fact, Spain has captured the FIFA world cup 2010 as well as the EUFA championship in 2008 and way back 1964.

Being predominantly Roman Catholic, Spanish holidays are also based on the catholic tradition. They have at most 14 public holidays every year in each municipality, honoring their patron saints. October 12 is known as Spain’s National Day. They also celebrate Our Lady of the Pillar, the patron throughout Spain.

This country is also the home of the best resorts, scenic spots, and cultural centers. Among the most-visited resort is the Costa Brava, Costa Daurada, Costa del Maresme, and Saluo. Adventure seekers will surely want to go back to places like Pyrenees, Sistema Centra, Sistema Iberico and Sierra Nevada  to enjoy the thrill in these excellent ski resorts. This country also boasts of their magnificent and awe-inspiring sceneries like the Picos de Europa National Park, Ordessa Valley, and Monte Perdido beautifully preserving their pastoral splendor.

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