Dealing with Boredom

People experience boredom for some time. It’s a condition where one feels total absence of interest in all kinds of activities. Major shifts in the stages of development would also mean change of interest. According to some, boredom is a sign of an unchallengeable thought, a feeling of insignificance or irrational feeling which is hard to explain.

Boredom is frequent particularly in kids. They get easily bored especially when everything around is just as they used to be. They want new toys, activities, games, and most especially attention from the family to keep them happy.

What are the signs of boredom in children?

1. Yawning. It’s embarrassing to see some of your audiences yawning while you perform in front. It could mean that you are losing your audience because they don’t find anything of interest in what you do.

2.  Whispering with seatmates. In school pupils who don’t find anything creative or meaningful in their subject would talk or whisper to their seatmates.

3. Sleeping. Sleeping is the most conclusive sign of boredom. They’d rather sleep than do something they’re not interested in.

4. Silence. Sometimes when students are very silent, you might think they are listening very well. In some cases, they’re just silent because they can’t make sense out of your teaching.

5. Making a phone call. When reminding your kids with what to do and they make a call, it can mean that they are too bored of listening.

Other signs of boredom in children which are more obvious includes heckling, bullying with the classmates to catch everyone’s attention. This usually happens at school or during play.

Parents must resolve the problem of boredom in their children in order to learn more about good things, good attitude, and to learn how to value the effort and time of others, and to be patient.

How deal with children’s boredom?

1. Parents should be creative. A creativity of parents can make their children more energetic. Think of something that is not usually done by the family such as workshops, playing outdoor games, swimming, camping and others.

2. Do not let them watch too much television.   Television or even educational videos can be entertaining only for a short period of time. They’re not enough to overcome boredom. It’s better to encourage them to play with real objects such as toys, or have some short party for them to play.

3.  Show to them that you are always reading your favorite books. Tell them that there is no time for boredom. Get them to read books with you when they’re tired of play. Learning new things in reading can minimize boredom.

4. Spend enough time for your children.  One of the best remedy for boredom is to spend time bonding with your kids after a whole day in school. Your kids might appreciate even a little time for storytelling and your older ones might want to talk with you about their classmates or friends.

5. Never take your child’s story for granted. This is the most important time children needs for you to give your advice and suggestions. If they ask questions about their classmates, teachers or school, pay attention and talk with them. Your voice will guide them in making good things in life.

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