Fascinating Kyoto

Be the one to witness one of the historical place of Japan and the home of the emperors- KYOTO.

Kyoto is located at the southwest of Tokyo and 25 miles east of Osaka and the capital city of Japan in the year 794-1192 for more than 1000 years. The City was popularly named Miyako or Kyoto.  In the year 1192, Kyoto lost its power and Tokyo became the capital of Japan up to the present but since 1868 when the latter became the capital, Kyoto has been referred to as “saikyo” which means Western capital. For many years of being the heart of Japan, Kyoto keeps the magnificent Treasure of arts and history in the seat of the University of Kyoto.

Now the city is so much blessed with many splendor with no many place in Asia could compare. It is known for its work of art, gardens and best temples in Japan. It is the home of beauty and equanimity as the key to spirituality.
Surrounded by hills and mountains, Kyoto is the symbol of Japan’s best art, religion, philosophy and architecture. The city boasts more than 1,650 Buddhist temples and over 400 Shinto shrines as a part of Japanese religion and worship. Not only gardens, temples and hills can be found in Kyoto. It is also admired for its tall buildings for their architectural beauty and design. Some are known for its priceless antique treasures and statues. Many old shrines have been remodeled and improved due to the fire and earthquake that stroked the city.

Language does not pose a very big problem in the city of Kyoto. Generally, Kyoto uses Niponggo as the major language however it has a little difference in accent compared to the traditional Tokyo accent. Communication isn’t really a big problem because even though Japanese is the main language used, people in the airport, reception and information area usually speak English in order to communicate better with the visitors. One percent of Kyoto’s population comprises Filipino, Korean, Brazilian, and Chinese who are also conversant in speaking English language. Generally, street boards and signs are written in Japanese language that might give a sort of difficulty to the visitors who are not so familiar with the place unless they ask.
Kyoto uses Japan Yen as a mode of payment. 100 yen is equivalent to US$1.15 or GBP 0.76.

Kyoto is a fascinating city to visit to relax you mind and witness the rich heritage and art of the Japanese history. The months of March, April, May, September, October, and November are the suggested months to visit Kyoto for its favorable weather condition. You can see the beautiful cherry blossom or known as “sakura” in Japan around the month of April while the country presents a beautiful autumn around November.  If you want to witness the famous Japanese vacation called “Golden week” you could visit during the month of May.

Kyoto offers delicious foods with Asian, America, or even European cuisine. A variety of restaurants are scattered around Kyoto. You could choose your favorite dish at the menu or you could cook your own food on your own table.
Do not miss this great adventure in Kyoto without visiting the scenic parts of the city. Move your eyes to Nijo-jo Castle, it was constructed by Togukawa Eiyasu at his quarter for Kyoto and guard for his emperial palace. It is build with so much art and named to the UNESCO list of world heritage in 1994. The beautiful art work is still preserved.  Another historical place you don’t need to miss is the Rokuonji Temple, this wonderful three-story golden edifice surrounded by greenery reflected in the water of the Kyukouci pond. It is preserved to maintain its beauty and the most visited tourist spot in Kyoto as it has been one of the most famous temples in Japan.

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