Organic Food Benefits

When we speak of organic food, it’s a kind of food that’s been produced and processed naturally without the use of any chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. In nutshell, organic food is naturally made and grown.

Several studies show that organic food is much better and healthier than non-organic ones. It is based from the fact that if you are not using any chemicals or pesticides in farming, the food we eat will not be affected by any form of chemical side effects.

One example is the organic milk and tomatoes. It is believed that organic tomatoes are better than the non-organic one. In fact a study conducted in California about the health benefits of tomatoes that were grown in areas with lesser nutrients and without the use of fertilizers caused an increase in antioxidant formation. The formation of antioxidants such as quercetin reached more than 75 percent as well as kaemferol which was about 97 percent. Since tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, they can greatly help reduce the risk of heart problems.

Another example is the organic milk. According to Danish Institute of Agricultural Research, organic milk is healthier than other non-organic milk.  That’s because cows that feed on organic grass will produce quality and healthy milk than those from commercial cows.

According to the latest result of a  new study,  organic fruits and vegetables  produce substantially higher levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants than conventionally grown food. The study tells that pesticides and herbicides actually spoil the good production of resins,  natural defense substances secreted by plants  that are also good for human’s health.

Here are some benefits of eating organic food:

  1. Healthy body. Since the food we eat is processed naturally without using harmful chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides, they will be eaten safe from those harmful substances – no trace of chemical contamination to our food.
  2. Safe and harmonious environment. Since our farming system does not use chemicals, our environment becomes safer, free from air, water and soil pollutions. Everything is in good balance for the next or future generations.
  3. Great taste and safe food. Organic food tastes better because we only use the natural ones. It is also safe for us since organic and fresh veggies are readily available in the local market. You don’t have to  worry about any added preservatives.
  4. Animal well-being. Some of the commercial animals especially for meat supplies are sometimes confined in a horrible fence which they only fed of commercial instant feeds. However, if you will use organic animal in producing meat, milk and other food products, animals that are freely living in the green pasture can surely produce a healthy and safety food.

Organic food may not necessarily improve nutrient intake but they are the safest. The food we eat should come the natural way; no additives, food dyes added, no harmful pesticides and fertilizers that may lead to harmful side-effects.

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