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Welcome to the capital city of the largest country in the planet, Moscow -the most populous federal subject of Russia and the major political, economic, cultural, financial, educational, religious and transportation of the country. It is located by the Moskva River in the central federal district in the European part of Russia.
As believed by many, the name Moscow was taken after a river however the origin of the name was unknown though several theories exist. Moscow was founded by the Russian prince Yury Dolgoruky in the year 1147 and became the capital city of the great Moscow Principality of all the Russian lands in the year 1328. At first the city occupied a very small part of the country however after the final battle against the Mongol-Tatars, the first stone buildings were built as ordered by Dolgoruky. Moscow has developed after several years after the revolution in 1917 which brought many changes in Russia. From then on, communist leaders ordered the reconstruction of the city of Moscow which covers the roads, bridges, metro stations, and the first skyscraper of Moscow. Many architectural buildings and churches were lost and destroyed during the revolution however today; Moscow stands as the greatest splendor in the country of Russia.
English is not the official language of Moscow but Russian though it is found by many westerners difficult to read and understand since it is written in Cyrillic Script. The English language is not common in this capital; it is only used and spoken in business and tourist trades as a way of an open and easier communication.
The Russian Ruble is the currency used in the city of Moscow. 100 Russian Rubles is equivalent to US$3.21 or GPB 2.13. Although many ATM Machines are scattered all over Moscow, it is better to have a pocket money for emergency purposes as we know how busy and crowded the city is.
Moscow Restaurants offers various variety of foods mostly European style. There are restaurants that also cook American and asian cuisine. You won’t have a hard time looking for your favourite foods as Moscow’s restaurants are scattered everywhere in the city
Moscow is known as the city of superlatives and boasts most of Russian Billionaires and vast colossal buildings. This city burst in a very high energy and a very creative people who converted the destroyed buildings and old warehouses into an architectural buildings and museums and underground clubs.
Moscow is perhaps not the most popular tourist destination in the world however it is most visited place in Russia not only for the fact that it is the capital city but also because of its unique and interesting places that could make the tourists “WOW”; from its diverse history to historic sites and galleries that you need to witness during your tour in this capital city. Moscow boasts its several tourist attractions that you need not miss during your visit

  • St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum- Located in the very heart of the capital city are these two historical structures. The St. Basil’s Cathedral are open to all public to feel the aura of ancient Russia as they witness the splendor of old Russian architectures and designs while the Lenin’s Mausoleum can also be an interest as a body of Soviet leader.
  • Pushkin Fine Arts Museum- in this place you can find the original arts from Russian, European, Greek, Egyptian, Asian and many more! It has presented one of the world’s best ballet and opera with the participation of best Russian artists.
  • Tretyakov Gallery- this is a famous gallery which introduces the vast collection of Russian Arts.

In order to enjoy and totally witness these amazing and historical spots in Moscow, you could travel within the months of July and August for a holiday season while September and October are the best months if you wish to avoid the crowds. You could visit your travel guides via online or travel Moscow for additional information and bookings.



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