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Japan Nuclear Crisis

News Update: A 6.7 in magnitude and the 75th aftershock since the devastating March 11 quake had rocked northern Japan on Thursday, June 23. The tremor disrupted train service temporarily and led to the evacuation of around 8,000 families in the coastal cities of Kamaishi and Ofunato.  A tsunami warning was released but was lifted […]

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Nuclear Power

When fossil fuels become too expensive, people turn to energy sources that are much cheaper and readily available in abundant quantities. Nuclear energy was long envisioned after the realization that petroleum and other non-renewable energy sources are slowly running out. It has seen a number of uses since it was made commercially available to the […]

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Nuclear Fears in Japan

Thousands of people have been evacuated for health and safety reasons due to an explosion at Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. The roof and walls of one of the reactors were blown off and there have been fears of a meltdown. The devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake that rocked Japan last Friday, March 2011, caused damage to […]

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